Food & Beverage Manager Selina – Cusco

Selina Perú

Hotel: Selina
Puesto: Food & Beverage Manager Cusco

Funciones Principales:

  • Making sure location stands in one with the company goals and branding.
  • Support on supervising all staff schedules.
  • Support on managing budgets.
  • Planning work schedules for individuals and teams.
  • Meeting and greeting customers.
  • Send invoices to accounting department.
  • Dealing with contractors and suppliers.
  • Support on handling customer complaints and queries.
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation and licensing laws.
  • Ensuring security is effective.
  • Providing F&B daily and monthly report to headquarters.
  • Ensure all professionals in F&B are following the protocol.
  • Support recruitment of F&B employees.
  • Support on supervising F&B areas.
  • Building and following onboarding & training schedule for F&B employees.
  • Apply all F&B protocols with workers and F&B areas.
  • Doing weekly orders for F&B department by Protocol.
  • Feeding F&B inventory follow up sheet on daily basis.
  • Making sure that waste protocol is being done.
  • Writing and following Daily / Weekly/ Monthly task lists for all department.
  • Making sure that all maintenance protocols of F&B areas are being followed.
  • Writing and following opening/shift change/ closing checklist and protocol for all F&B departments.
  • In charge of operating Selina’s events happening in the playground space.
  • Be the contact person with all artists, dj’s, relevant event personal for the location.
  • Support DJ’s & artists scheduled for the location.
  • Building schedule of events at the hostel at the playground.
  • Producing special events according to Events strategy.
  • In charge of reaching new artists from local community and travelers and approve them with head of events.
  • Feedbacking reports of artists who performed at Selina for future relevance.
  • Publish monthly schedule for the location events.
  • Sinergy with Marketing team to post all events.
  • In charge of verifying that the right playlists are playing.
  • In charge of Selina sound \ visual equipment maintenance & operation.
  • In charge of decorating F&B area with concepts approved.
  • In charge of updating location manager with monthly event schedule to insure dedicated volunteers for general work in event.
  • Delivering events on time, within budget, that meet and hopefully exceed expectations.
  • In charge of local marketing of events and parties – staff with flyers \ posters \ cool local places, word of mouth etc.
  • Coordinate and verifying online/SM Marketing of events with Mkt department.

Experiencia y Conocimientos:

  • 2 years of experience in managing roles in hospitality industry
  • F&B background
  • Event producing knowledge
  • Marketing experience
  • Excellent attention to small details
  • Customer Service skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • English and Spanish advanced

Sede: Cusco

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